Utah's best missionary care packages
filled with fun gifts & tasty treats
for your LDS Missionary!

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The 'Greenie' Package


This package contains enough fun, useful and delicious GREEN items to welcome your new missionary into the"missionary family"all packed up into an awesome missionary gift bag! What a fun way to start a mission!
 You could spend a lot of time and money putting together a collection like this, but we have done all the leg work for you!
***'Greenie' greeting card included with this package. Just type your personal message in the text box during checkout and we will print it and send it with the package to your missionary!
  • 1 Greenie t-shirt (specify size) saying, "I may be GREEN but my testimony is GOLDEN"
  • Lifesavers Spear-o-mint Mints, chewy Spree, Skittle Sours, Dark Chocolate Mint M&M's, 2 choc-mint jumbo lollipops, Sour Punch Apple Straws, Watermelon Pop Rocks, 2 Airheads (green apple & watermelon), and 2 packets of Lemon Lime Kool-Aid - a mix of treats that'll make anyone smile!
  • a green toothbrush, a tube of "For Greenie's Only" mint lip balm, a mint floss and a small bottle of mint Scope mouthwash  
  • 1 'Greenie Missionary' duck - 'cause we all need a little fun!
  • "It's not easy being green" printed on a green pen, a green Sharpie & a pack of green Post-it Notes - great things to keep around...
  • a 'Good luck on your mission!' gift bag and a "Greenie" quote card - to pump up your missionary!